Taking Action

Hey everyone! How have you all been? It’s honestly been awhile since I’ve been on here, I’ve just been busy. Feels great writing again, because I actually have a lot to say :). Honestly where do I start??? This year has honestly been the best year ever for me, Like I learned so much about myself and how limitless I want to be.

With regards to my personal life, I’m good. I’m healthy in both body and mind and those are the most important things to me. I’m developing every single day and when I look back, I’m sooo shocked at my growth! Like sis is that you???

This year my blogging has taken off so much in ways I didn’t expect and I am so proud of myself. Recently, I flew to Manchester with NastyGal and the experience was amazing! This time last year I was speaking this moment into existence and it actually happened! The year isn’t even over and I’ve still more surprises for you guys!

It feels so good to see growth in everything that I do and to be recognized as well is just the cherry on top! Guys, I’m doing great and I’m so happy right now and I believe things are only gonna get better for me! I cannot wait for 2019, because that’s another whole year to perfect my craft each time. Sometimes, I feel like I’m pressuring myself, but honestly I just want every step I take to be better than the last. I’m seriously ready for more!

This beautiful dress I’m wearing below is from NastyGal! I think it’s such a Christmas party dress and anyone would stand out in hot pink. I paired it with simple jewellery and diamanté heels from Missguided! Let me know what you think x

Lastly, if you believe in something or have ideas you want to pursue, go for it! Do it and give it 150%, it will pay off eventually. Everything in life is process

Dress – Here


Nina x

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