Back to Business | Nakd Fashion

Hey everyone! How have you all been? Yes I know it’s been a very hot minute since I’ve been on here, however I’ve been very active on all my socials! Are you following??

Anyways life’s been great, I’ve taken some time off to focus on myself and I’m very happy. Quick update tho, longitude was amazing! And I will be attending way more festivals next summer. Btw, I will be off to Scotland for a few days, so make sure your following me!

Recently Nakd Fashion, a Swedish brand, were very kind enough to reach out to me! They sent me some lovely pieces that make a very big statement in my wardrobe. For all my lovely followers, you all will receive 20% your purchase using my discount code NinaNakd

I’m sure you know whats next, scroll down to see my lewksss!

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Checkered Blazer – Here

Checkered Suit Pants – Here

White Shirt – Here

I absolutely love these fits and I hope you all like them too! When purchasing my discount code is NinaNakd (20% offf). Don’t forget to follow my socials, I’m most activate there 🙂



Nina x

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