Hey lovelies, how have you all been? I’ve been great actually! I’ve truly lived by my words of doing my best to “live my best life, all summer ’18”. I’ve been listening to more music, relaxing and I think I might start reading again… Anyways, festival season is literally around the corner and I’m so excited! The Wireless Festival was a definite must from me, but obviously tickets sold out in minutes and I had to settle for Longitude (Irish version of the Wireless Festival).

Of course, I got my tickets for Longitude within seconds, I learnt my lesson the first time lol. I honestly cannot wait to do some festival looks and see some of my favorite artists. Are any of you attending? Hopefully Ireland will keep on baking with the amazing sunshine we’ve been getting.

ChicMe we’re so kind enough to gift me a few pieces including this jumpsuit/heels below. Honestly such a comfy pair of heels alongside this light-weight jumpsuit which is perfect for this amazing weather. Have a look below guys!

Grey Jumpsuit – HERE

Lace-up Heels – HERE

Btw, I titled this Nonstop because I’ve been listening to Drakes new album, so far so good. Nonstop, Final fantasy and Summer games are my current faves, what are yours?



Nina x

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