Welcome back lovelies! And a Happy belated New Year to you! How have you all been? I know we are well into the new year now, but this is my first post of 2018. After a long well-deserved break, especially after those exams *rolls eyes*, it feels great to be back! Btw I love how un-bothered I look in my photos, casually setting my mood for ’18.

Last year was a good year for me, I tried as much as possible to be consistent and steady in everything I planned to do. Most importantly I was honest with myself and This year will be no different, hopefully. In 2018, I do have a lot of plans/ideas that I want execute correctly, whilst having fun obviously…

This year, I wanna switch it up a lil bit, I have a few ideas in my head of what to do besides outfit posts, which I love. But you guys have to get in touch with me and let me know what else you want to see, so please comment or message me!

I watched a video last night on YouTube by MsDebDeb (insta: themsdebdeb), and it inspired me a lot to just keep pushing myself and I want everyone to go watch it! I was also inspired to come up with my own list of goals to get through the new year!

 1. Do more of what pleases you!

2. 2017 is over! Take the goodness of it into ’18 and build on that.

3. Never forget who you are, or hold back your shine for anyone. Blind them x.

4. Up your game, increase your goals and keep pushing yourself.

5. Less planning and more of doing.

6. Take care of yourself, drink more water/eat healthier. Let your skin flourish sis x.

7. Be confident in yourself.

8. Everyone has a flaw, find yours and work on them.

9. Try new things, think outside the box.

10. Most of all love every bit and inch of yourself.

I really do hope we all have a great year and live our best lives! Also comment below what else you want to see from me guys!

Nina x

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