Hey guys! Welcome back to ninaaigbe.com my new and improved site! For all you lovely followers that have stuck with me, thank you. I really hope you love what I’ve done here along with the name change…original, right?

Anyways, last weekend I turned 21 years old (Shout out to all the October Babies & Libra fam!!) and honestly I have never felt more grateful and happy to be one year older. So much has happened in my 21 years of living and I was just so happy, excited and simply thankful. The entire weekend was filled with so much love from all my favorite people and I feel like that has opened up a new chapter in my life.

For the remaining part of the year it will be non stop consistency from me because I have so much new ideas and opportunities that keep coming my way and I just have to share!

With out rambling on for too long, check out how I spent my birthday below!


Dress: InTheStyle

Shoes: ShoeLace

Jewelry: Primark/RiverIsland

Thank you all for your support guys! Let me know what you think of new update guys!



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