Hey everyone! I’ve been so busy shopping like crazy in prep for college which has been so hectic for me. I’ve moved out of the house I stayed in for three years which I loved but it has been so tiring trying to move again. Anyways, I’m so happy with the new place I will be staying in, it’s so fresh, modern and literally in front of my college! Can’t believe it’s already that time of year again…to think I’ll have exams by Christmas gives me a bittersweet feeling because firstly, I hate writing exams and all the stress it comes with, but on the other hand, we’re three months away from 2018! (And one month away from my birthday btw 🎉)…wow!

Anywayssss, I’m loving these boots from Hidden Fashion, who were so kind enough to send me these boots! Definitely setting me up for A/W season and this lovely jacket from Stradivarius, I mean look at the detailing of this jacket!

My Look:

Boots: Shop Here

Jacket: Stradivarius

Dress: Pennys

Bag: Zara

This look is perfect for the A/W season and would great on anyone!

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