Hey everyone! How have you all been? It feels great to be back after a nice long break from life 😀 I have been so busy with work with no days off to post or to do anything, but sleep. I should be finishing up with work soon and heading back to college for the final time, thank God! It feels great knowing that I’ve almost completed my four year degree in Biotechnology and I’m going to be a scientist. It was not easy at all but I’m grateful for every new thing I learnt and the people I met and I’m excited to see what my future holds.

Anyways, before I get all mushy I’m back with a new style post featuring VESPER247 that are an online brand from the UK. They generally provide occasional wear for like weddings, evening events etc. They were so kind enough to send me this beautiful ‘Cosmic Skirt’ and ‘Stephanie dress’ that I would 100% wear to any fancy event, if I ever have anytime off… This skirt is so pretty and summery and would be perfect for a wedding or could be styled casually. On the site it’s paired with a crop top but I preferred this lace bodysuit from Boohoo to suit my taste.

This dress is probably one of my favourite dresses because the material is thick but stretchy and I love that. You will definitely get your money’s worth because this is a dress that could last you a life time. This dress looked so good on me and really complemented my figure, which I loved. The cut & style of this dress is so modern and chic and would look great on anyone.

  Cosmic Skirt:

Stephanie Dress:

Outfit Details:

Cosmic Skirt Here
Heels: MissyEmpire

Bodysuit: Boohoo

Stephanie Dress Here
Heels: Missguided

Bag: NewLook

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, and thank you all for the read!

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Nina x

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