Missy Empire: Missy Girl

Hey everyone! How’s life? I have the worst cold/flu ever but I’m Litch in a great mood right now because I’ll be away for the whole weekend (including Monday) which means I get to relax and look cute whilst doing nothing lol… I will be posting mainly on my gram so if you’re not following…get following darling x

Anyways, Missy Empire is a UK clothing brand that were kind enough to send me this gorgeous dress & heels and other wonderful things that I will be sharing with you soon! I was literally in love with basically everything on the site and they have so much to offer for everyone. I can say I definitely love how the dress and heels complement each other, summery pinky tones and silvers are so in right now and if you’re someone that’s not sure of what goes with what, this fit below is definitely a safe but trendy option. They have so much on their site which I will link below along with links to my full outfit!

Missy Girl:

You can shop my look here below and check out their website!

Dress – Here

Heels – Here

So that’s my look, hope you all enjoyed and Happy Independence Day to all my American Followers!


Nina x

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