Gingham Style 

Hey everyone! How have you all been? Last time I was here I have only finished my first exam and now I’m finally done! It feels great to have successfully complete another academic year hopefully my results say so too…lol

Style is always frequently changing or upgrading to stay relevant, which is cool if not hip, Gingham is one of those trends that comes and goes and each time it reappers it’s always better than before, in my opinion. I mean the last time I saw this trend was on Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Gingham in the 21st Century is definitely more edgy and fun which is what I like about it. Gingham can come in all kinds of colours; black, pink, green which is to keep it relevant and typical colours is blue. This stripped fabric, (yes stripped) can look cute as top or chic as a two piece. I find it quite funny that this constantly evolving table cloth lookalike can Look so good as dress or a ruffle skirt? Baffling, isn’t it?

Without further ado, this is how I Gingham Styled below.

My Look:

Please ignore my awkward shadow lol…

Btw can you tell that the weather so far in Ireland has been spectacular?

Top – Pennys/Primark

Skirt – NewLook

Bag – Zara

Sunglasses -Forever 21

Heels – Boohoo

Now that I’ve lots of free time, hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more of me! Ohhh Btw I just created a new Pinterest and I would love you to follow and check out my pins lol still don’t know how it works


Nina x

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