OOTD: Hint of Rosé? 

Hey everyone! How have you all been? I feel so refreshed as I’ve just returned from a mini getaway for a friends birthday. But I do apologise for not being very active as I’ve had a lot of assignments and labs to write ups to complete.

Anyways, Spring is creeping up on us which means it’s time to ditch the fluffy socks and throw on some sandal heels! Well, if you’re living in Ireland like me you might just keep on the socks till maybe June? But still, this is the time to be as playful as you like with all the colours and shades, especially PINK. This sweet colour will be everywhere this season and in lots of different shades to match your taste. As its still chilly outside or actually rains uncontrollably, you might want to opt for a coat styled look or maybe a jumper or two haha.

I can say this season you will be seeing a couple pinky outfits from me or anything pink related, just like this rosé coloured look I opted for. What actually inspired this look is my  favourite drink, rosé and those West Coast Coolers. So  here is my look below, please enjoy responsibly.


This HM satin bomber was so sweet and elegant and can literally be worn with anything at all. As for the price, even sweeter (€10).

The nude shade to these Missguided lace-ups definitely brought back the balance in the shades.

Excuse my extra posing lol.

Bomber – HM

Dress – Zara

Heels – Missguided

Bag – Pennys/Primark

Arm Cuff – Aliexpress

Well that’s it, let me know what you think? And other shades of pink would you like to see or would wear yourself?


Nina x

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