2017: Day/Night X Primark

Hey guys, I know I am very late with this post but I suppose better late than never. There’s a few things I would like to mention before anything at all. 2016 over all was a good year but towards the end of the year I began to slack a lot, but that is because some things happened to me and I just totally lost all interest in everything because I just felt like there was no point. I was really in a horrible state of mind and it just felt like I would never get out of it ughh. To be honest, that was probably the worst I have ever felt.

Well this year I’m back and mentally happy and I really want to become more CONSISTENT in everything I’m passionate about. I’m just really grateful to God that I got out of that mind set because during those times, I lost so much time and I really want to make up for it. My New Year’s resolution is to make sure I’m absolutely focused, consistent and basically ignoring bullshit and all sorts of negativity lol.

With all that being said, today’s looks are all based on a fabulous tobacco coloured ribbed dress from Primark/Pennys. Now, this dress was quite warm so I didn’t really need a jacket during day, but maybe at night just a light coat/jacket would do because the dress is fairly warm. The two looks are below so please enjoy!

Day Look: 

This dress was simply teamed up with some snake skin leather boots and a simple black bag, this is as casual as it gets in my opinion.

Night Look:

Nothing too much, just a slight switch up to make the dress appear more dressy/party like with the addition of some rose gold heels (MissPap) to really bring out the colour of the dress, a diamante choker and a fur stole if you’re feeling extra!

I love both looks and I think they can be worn easily by anyone, just depends on your style. I hope you all enjoyed this post, Thank you lovies

Nina x

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