Winter, I’m coming for You

Hey lovies, it feels absolutely great to be back again with a new style post…and of course it’s on a budget 👌🏾 This outfit is something I wore a while ago so why not show you how I styled myself. Anyways, each day that passes by we’re getting closer and closer to winter therefore we have to add more layers to keep warm. On this day it was sunny but still really chilly and defo not a day for a crop top and shorts!

Not really gonna ramble on, so here a few pics of my of my outfit.

Top – Boohoo – €7

Jeans – Pennys/Primark – €5

Gilet – TopShop – €5 (I’ll tell you how lol)

Heels – Pennys/Primark – €7

Bag – Primark/Pennys – €5

So I just threw on some white jeans, cropped knit turtle neck top, heels (of course) and a little furry, fluffy gilet.

This gilet is probably one of the warmest garment I’ve ever worn, it’s so fuzzy on the inside with a suede finish.

 Ok I got it for so cheap at a market that I went to 4 years ago but I never wore it because I thought it was ugly haha. Imagine if I threw it out?

This top right here is cozy. Just cozy. And for the price as well, you really can’t go wrong. 🤗

This bag was perfect because tbh that day I didn’t want to carry anything at all and size of it is petite, just good for taking items that’s really needed.

These shoes featured on here before and if you missed the post by any chance click the link right here and have a read b Slayin’ on a budget

That’s all for now guys, hope you all enjoyed. Please like, share & comment and let me know what you think ❤️

Nina x

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