Slayin’ on a Budget

Welcome back everyone, feels good to be back again. I know I’m late but you know better late than never lol. Anyways, recently I’ve been shopping a lot, actually this whole summer I’ve been doing a lot more shopping than usual. From clothes, to accessories or just basic things for my room. I love to shop especially when I get it on a budget, that’s probably one of the best perks when you’re a shopaholic.

The next couple of pictures you’re gonna see is how I ‘Slayed on a Budget’ just a little under €30 . Yes thirty euro.

Choker: Boohoo – €7

Top: Some shop in Holland – €5

Jeans: HM – €4

Shoes: Pennys – €7

Bag: Pennys -€3

The bag was just the perfect touch of colour and for that priceeeeee, ugh really wish they had more colours

Love the fit of these jeans tho, mom jeans make any buns look good…

Heels was such a perfect length and fit making it so comfortable to walk and obviously slay in.

I absolutely loveee this outfit, it’s so casual yet so chic and classy. It’s literally perfect for like a casual night out with the girls or with a babes (imaginary) for a dinner or even just to go shopping haha

I hope you all enjoyed the post as I did in writing it, if so please like, share & comment & folllllow x

 Nina xo

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