If there is another word for busy…

So… It’s been a good 7 months since I’ve been here to upload something or try to keep up with something I personally enjoy. In all honesty, life got in the way. From college to work and so on and so forth. 

Instead of me explaining why I’ve been away I’ll just post something instead. Recently, I’ve been to Belgium & Holland just last week. It was very family oriented and I absolutely enjoyed being with the gang. 

I stayed in Antwerpen for the week and visited Brussels and Roosendaal, Holland. From the food to the clothes I could not get enough of it all and I just had to share with you all if you’re still here with me lol. Anyways, here a couple of pics of a few outfits I wore! 

Too see more pictures, follow my Insta @ninaaigbe_ 

Oh and I sincerely apologise for not being as consistent as I used to be a year ago. But I will try to stop by and drop something ❤️ 

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Snapchat: nina_uno

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