Twenty Sixteen

“Looking back”, 2015 was very eventful. For me, I feel like I grew up a lot more, mainly in my ways of thinking. Tbh, the 2014 me was too quiet for an extrovert like myself. But the 2015 me was more outspoken and grown and I hope that the 2016 me will continue to grow.

2015 had taught me a lot of things, from the people I talk to, relationships I was in, to even who knew my secrets. I have made friends that taught me so much things like how to be more approachable, how to become a better texter and even just the basics like how to make lasagne.  These were life changing lessons that I have learned and I am happy that I got to understand the good and the bad part of these experiences.

I’ve loved one too many times and broke hearts too, I’ve been hurt also and thought “I’m really too young to be feelin’ this old”. But at the end of the day I’m gonna continue loving because I love Love and I hope that I can really experience it one day. As a Libra, its in my veins to be a hopeless romantic, so who knows, today might even be my lucky day to fall in love.

Over all, in 2015 I did a lot of things for the first time. I got a job, I got a paycheck, I bought myself too much stuff and I tasted vodka (I hate it.). I’m happy I achieved those goals because even though I know what I want and I know where I’m going, I was still learning about myself and what I can achieve. But this year It’s Show Time! I’m ready. Are you?

Happy New Year Dolls x



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