OVO: Motives Month

Hey guys, so we’re now fully into winter and certainly well on our way to Christmas… I know that this post in long over due but, Just last month was I, my brother’s and my friend’s birthday and of course I didn’t have time to post up pictures and all that. So since October has now ended I thought it’d be great to do a collage of time in a short video. For me, October is my favourite month, not because my birthday is part of it or anything lol but because there is always something to do. Like, please tell me what’s going on in November? There is always something to look forward to during October, That’s why October is known as Motives Month.

Motives Month


Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

I’m so grateful that I, my brothers and my friend were able to see another year and enjoy it to the fullest! and I really hope that you all enjoyed the video as much as I did because Motives Month was too much craziness, as in soiree overload!

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Nina x

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