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Hey Lovies! Ok so recently I just got this new job at a smoothie bar and I’m really enjoying it lol #firstjob that’s why I haven’t been on in a while 😦

Anyways there’s this particular smoothie on the menu that I absolutely love and I thought why not share?! The name of the smoothie is called Strawberry Sunrise. I honestly believe that this smoothie made me realise what love truly is lol.

What I love about it is that its so refreshing and most importantly…really easy to make. So today I’m gonna give you all the recipe to this amazing smoothie.

For a Large Size:

1. You’ll need orange juice (fresh or concentrate), bananas, strawberries (fresh or frozen), some ice and strawberry yoghurt.

2. Pour about 300-400ml of orange juice into your blender and add one full banana.

3. Add a nice scoop of strawberries also, along with strawberry yoghurt and some ice for thickness!

4. Simply Blend!

Should look a lil like this!


So for my smoothie lovers out there, I hope you enjoyed that! (literally). Its such a great smoothie and oh so HEALTHY. Don’t forget to share & like!


Nina x

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