Beyonce Lately…

Has anyone taken a good look at Beyonce lately? Doesn’t she look amazing btw? She just dropped her new video with Nicki Minaj ‘Feeling Myself’ and boyyyy is she really ‘feelin’ herself’. This song is already my summer hit for this year, its bound to go viral!

 Images from the ‘Feeling Myself’ video:Featured image

Featured image

Not only is she the classiest/fiercest songtress on stage, Queen Bey also knows how to step out in style… Miss Bey has just went on vacation to Italy and check out this vibrant outfit!

Featured image

Look at this colourful skirt with the ‘African Mama’ detailing on it. Her top looks like a Football jersey and here she definitely made a “Home Run”. Here are some more images of Mrs Carter looking a lot like Sasha Fierce.

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

She was definitely one of the Queens that reigned at this years Met Gala Ball.

Featured image

Featured image

Queen Bey’s style fiery and sassy, kinda like a BOSS. What do you think?

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