Dublin Fashion Festival:

Hey guys! I know it’s been like nearly a week since I’ve posted something but that’s because I’ve been so busy! So, just to cut long story short I attended the Dublin Fashion Festival Launch Show last night which was absolutely fantastic, especially as this was my very first show! Everything looked amazing especially us Dubliners! (Turn down for what???)

So I brought my mam with me and she had a lovely time too of course, and I also brought my camera because I didn’t want to leave all the memories behind without sharing it with you all! So here are some pictures of the people I met and the show 🙂

As last night was the launch show of the Dublin Fashion Festival, the festival officially kicks off on the 4th-7th of September. So if you’re in Dublin during these dates, why don’t you pop in and have a look then tell me what you think about our incredible taste in fashion.

So guys and gals, what do you think about our fashion? I think it’s unique. Oh and what was it like when you attended your first show? Drop all your comments below and don’t forget to share via Facebook and Twitter. Twitter: @NinaAigbe_  Insta: @not_nina

Lots of Love,

Nina x

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