Monochrome I guess…

Hey guys! I know…I’ve been away for a while, but that’s because I got a new job! Anyway don’t worry I’ll try to post up new things as much as I can!

Well I guess if you like to keep things simple, a monochrome outfit is certainly the best style solution, there’s just something about the colour combination of black & white…it’s timeless and I bet you all will agree with me.

I love colours and that’s why today I wore an orange jumper from the Zara Knitwear Collection along with my black & white print skirt by Ann Taylor. My way of wearing a monochromatic outfit is to add a hint of colour whilst the black & white still keeps it classy. To keep it simple I didn’t wear much jewelry, just dangling gold earring centered with a green emerald and to finish off my look i wore silvery/gold sandal heels!  WP_20140720_038    WP_20140720_037

The best thing about the monochrome trend is that its so versatile, there’s a lot of different ways to pull it off. You can do stripes or spots or even blocked! Also, men can pull off this look too and look just as good! It just takes a simple plain white T and black pants like this guy below.



SAM_1141So guys and gals…what do you think of the Monochrome trend? Drop your comments below. Don’t forget to share via Facebook and Twitter. Follow my Insta: @not_nina and Twitter: @NinaAigbe_

Lots of Love,


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